Gorge Health Connect is a membership based organization and a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the State of Oregon. Click here to learn more about becoming a member.

Gorge Health Connect (GHC), is a health information exchange (HIE) that connects hospitals, federally-qualified health clinics, primary care providers (PCPs), specialists, public health and others. GHC has launched a Direct Project Pilot, one of the first in the nation, which is an important step in realizing the federal government’s goal of a connected healthcare system that encompasses all providers. The goal of GHC’s pilot is to support existing referral patterns in the Columbia River Gorge area with secure transport of health information. The pilot focuses on routing referrals, summary care records and results between PCPs and specialists; transmitting PCP referrals and summary care records to hospitals; and sending discharge information from hospitals back to referring PCPs.

Through the Health Information Service Provider (HISP) services provided by its HIE vendor, Medicity, GHC assigns and administers a secure health domain address (similar to an email address) for each provider in the network. Providers can exchange Direct Project referrals and clinical documentation with any other provider registered with the HISP. The Oregon Direct Project Pilot will enable all providers in the area – regardless of technology adoption – to achieve basic, secure collaboration and streamline care coordination.